From the album Mapping The Ruins

Flame, quick, red run...
Rough edge, hard black brick face.
Jaw wired shut.
Contempt lip slip, further...

Savage needz,
Savage thingz...
Stone stature regained, risen again.
Burnt lifeless offeringz,
Living namez, Real thingz moved mountainz before me.
Stone-handed prince preside over flame.
Directing violence, knivez moving against the beast.
Crowned serpent king, lord of the wastez.

Stormz of quick, red run...
Lifetimez burnt in these eyez.

Savage thingz,
Primitivez raise bannerz against me.
Rough red, jaw edge cut.
Consign flesh to flames, they rebel...
Ordered, sunburst golden sword worldz.
Weaponz, serpent statue war wordz.
Cursed namez. Ruinz kept perfect in death.

Scorched earth, Scorched earth...
Wordz of worship, hurtz that serve me.
Real pain.
Blood-red icon of the flamez.
Cruel planz, Storm hand...

World openz, and raise structure again...

Spectre saint storm servantz against peace.
Skies painted in red shadez.
Strife, storm seeking instinctz.
Covered the eye to the soul,
Window frame fracture world grave.
Patchwork wartime memoriez.
Shelter creature instinctz...
No peace, no peace.