From the album Mapping The Ruins

Haunt in this ribcage of steel.
This dark heart beating in sync with the street.
The world breathes.

Oblique angles twist through dream,
The city's handz unfold for me.
When I turn my head, these paths shift before my eyes.
Twist into new shapes.
Left blind.

Chains, link,
Sink in between...
Fluorescent lit grave ground.
Pathwayz turned down, its face.
Faith denied.
The zone of denial...

Patchwork creatures born of wire,
cement, steel, brought now to life.
Dark follows each step...
Archwayz, cut jagged shapez.
The burning streetlight lit ground grave.

Heartbeat pulsing in these dreams.
The city exhales, shuts its eyes,
leaves me for dead.
Grid linez carved across its face.
Burnt against the brick mind-scape.

Strange scenes over the wavez,
led thirsty across these seas.
Deep heart of the tide. Tide...
These linez...
That pulse calls for me.

Strange skeletal facades,
Standing tall, scaffold screwtop face.
These shadez, spirit world. Spirit world.
Wrapped cement brickwork face...
Reach up to me.