From the album Mapping The Ruins

Raise red forged icon face.
Styled in dark new aged wayz.
Light diez, darkness creeps in.
Straight down, dig down in vain.
Handz closed. No need for more beliefz.
Empty, nothing within.

Mighty earth givez no more.
Forge of the godz gone dark,
long gone fused iron wayz.
Forgot fire, man at the end.

Windz come, livez slip away.
Drift west, spirit sun sinking.
Harsh, new wayz.
Archway steel bonez of beastz,
once great, graveyard citiez.
Walk ruinz in search of the sun...

Strange, cruel thingz, primitive faithz of flame...
Mankind, unchained again.
Hard head. Stone featured beast beliefz.
Worship nature again.
Revered, nature is feared again.

Brutal handz craft savagery.
Closed eyez, dead heart to history.
Patchwork radio creature speech.

Copper veins bleed sand.
Hacking emptied rock face.
Injured, cloud blanket dust decay.
Rotting away.

Nothing, street name.
Cryptic animal meaningz.