From the album Street Level

Chainz, winding on the self.
Chaining all rages inside.
Caged soul screamz for these,
actionz, motivez.
Complex, stacked cascade.
These solid idols.
Solid steel Godz.
Rusted and jagged knife world.
Nothing killed, nothing killed.
Crowned this rage God.
God animal.
Your altarz.
Slaying hopez and dreamz.
Anger burns, we build.
Anger burns inside.
Golden burning idolz, hot metal.
Burning inside.
God Animal, inside me.
Revenge on the self.
Pull away these nervez.
Lose touch and move,
Beyond all worldz.
Event Horizon,
The battle between godz.
Self, anima animal.
Tear down the self.
tear out of touch.
Complex, stacking...
stacked cascade.
Falling further inwards.
The rage burns.
Nothing killed, only gilded.
Steel idolz.
Laid chainz on the self,
Thought complex.
Revenge on the self.
Revenge on the self.