From the album Street Level

Talking, chipboard walls...
spiral creeping downwards,
wall paperz, flowerz,
Eyes through the hallz,
Eyez and earz in these wallz.
Living, breathing, twisting.
Steel skeleton breathing with me.
My fear, inhale, exhale.
Osmosis, beamz twist and turn.
Cave in, enclose.
Roach Condo paradise,
vinez crawl cracked wallz.
Every corner of the heart.
Crawling further inside,
Crawling further inside,
the walls push inwards.
Carpet burns, breathe deep.
Poly carbon snow.
Further inside.
Foundations twist with me,
twist with my fearz,
Dream, Dream, Dream the door,
Dream the door and run.
The street barez teeth,
Ten story concrete hell.
Twist and turn with me.