From the album The God Inc.

Another figure lost in time.
We falter and step,
blindly through void.
and regain,
something lost in vision.
These three dimensions.
Walls for our eyez.
Feel sektorz,
fall away in wireframe,
Reality pulls away,
and the flesh regained,
pulls in free space.
We fall, we waste.
Pulled the saviour's Nailz.
Again we fall in free space.
Outward pull, insides waste.
The outside world rots away.
Wireframe mind maze.
And the eyez bleed again.
Blood Divine, laid chains,
Upon mortal mind's rage.
Laying Blind Chained,
Missing Lord's Name.
We breathe lives on wires
of our disgrace.
We put nailz into our handz.
Pulling the Saviour's Nailz.
Again we fall in free space.
Wireframe mind cage.