The Fokus

From the album The God Inc.

Fokus, taken inside.
River flows, aside reason.
Skin Cuts.
Fokus, on pain.
on something.
The fear. Kamera Eye.
A life in the Kamera's eyez.
Kard Read Access,
Optik infra Red, world view.
Malice in the looking glass.
Through the mirror.
No wordz, No wordz, no more.
No eyez, no life, no more.
Silence, there will be...
Only silence.
Fokus, on silence.
The Fokus on actionz.
Vile wormlike humanz.
They fear.
We fear.
A Kingdom on fear.
Sight, The needle's eye.
With your rightz, Your rightz.
There are no rightz.
Smart Kard access.
Laser guided human gun.
Target through the Kamera Eye.
Running on such little lies,
Human rights, the right to die.