From the album The God Inc.

A moment's paradise, burned to ash and dust

War will turn and scar the path of days
An age reviled with rage of blinding
hate for those who pray,
To their god to come and rule the day.
turn the wheels and light the fires of hate.

Ageless wordz ignite a sun of rage
Wormz and pests you fight to lay the chains
A world blind and maimed.
Everything you lie, the words you say

Everything we take from eden's grace,
Everything we steal from eden's grace
a stolen pice of leaden fruit to taste,
and Order fadez away

Wormz, twisting buried pests in flesh
and drink the blood of life away

Factory life of twisted metal
heaven burns and fades to grey.

Twisted green, soil bleeds,
Earth tenses and dies

Wormz, you are all wormz.