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'The mask is, of course, both a means of concealment and one of confession. It covers the human and reveals the inhuman. The man disappears, and a creature of mythic proportions replaces him' - Doug Bradley

ReStruKture —also known as RSK— is an industrial band formed in Sydney, Australia in 2005 by industrial fans TZ and KXT. Armed with whatever musical equipment they could acquire cheaply —and the industrial philosophy to misuse it— they developed a harder, darker edge with each demo track produced.

RSK's first full-length release, The God Inc., was released as a self-published CDr in late 2007. The release made an impression on listeners with its dark and grimy low-fi aesthetic. A sound that would become a trademark of the group. After The God Inc. KXT departed from the group to focus full-time on his terror-EBM project 'Strychnine'.

RSK followed up with 2008's Street Level. The semi-conceptual album explored the relationship between the troubled psyche of the band and the decaying cityscape that surrounded them. It would futher build upon the dark aesthetic explored in The God Inc. to cultivate an even darker and more desperate sound.

The following year saw a massive deviation in the band's sound with the release of 2009's AntiStruKture. Heavily influenced by fellow Sydney industrial and noise acts such as Xoma, Strychnine and DFK. RSK would explore a much noisier and more distorted sound, breaking aggressive new ground for the band.

Restrukture's track 'Exile' was featured on the compilation album A Therapeutic Misadventure together with giants of the genre such as Xoma, Greyhound, Lone, Contaminant, Flint Glass, and more.